Hip Chicks

Why Hip Chick Fitness?

1. Simple Plan – a timeless, proven plan to get the body you want

2. No expensive machinery required

3. No unsustainable strenuous workouts

4. No lengthy cardio workouts

5. Community – a supportive group of women

There are 2 main cornerstones…The simple plan and the supportive community.

The simple plan

Guides you to the mindset which allows you to reach your goals, the nutrition plan which allows you to shed that body fat and get down to the weight you desire, as well as 7 minute workouts you can do at home or in the gym if you prefer.

If you desire, some longer workouts will also be provided to diamond level members.

The Community

You’re joining a group of elite women. You may not feel elite right now. That’s ok.

Just deciding to be part of this community shows YOU ARE committed. This committed decision is the first step to achieving your health goals.

The hip chicks inside this inner circle are on the same journey you’re on. You’ll be able to interact with ladies grappling with the same struggles you are.

Calvin and Clint’s expert guidance combined with the support and empathy you’ll receive from hip chicks in the same situation you are enables you to persevere to get to your destination.

You’re on the greatest, most important journey any woman can undertake.

It helps you be a better mom. It helps your clothes fit better. It makes your hair shinier. It makes your skin glow. It gets those eyeballs, both male and female, gazing at you.